We have made installing Store Locator super easy. It can be installed on any website by simply added a snippet of HTML code to the page you wish for it to display on.

To get Store Locator on your site(s): 

  1. log in to your IWD Account at

  2. Select Store Locator from the lefthand menu

  3. Select the Configurations tab

  4. Under the General Information section, you will find your unique HTML code.  Copy your code

  5. Place this code into the page wherever you want Store Locator to appear

Activating your Map Service

To use Store Locator you will need an active map account from either Here WeGo Maps or Google Maps.

HerreWeGo Maps:

  • If you would like to use Here WeGo Maps free service, please create a “Freemium” account here

  • Under the REST & XYZ HUB API/CLI section select Get App id and App code.

  • Log in to your IWD Account at

  • Select Store Locator from the lefthand menu

  • Select the Configurations tab, then select the Maps section.

  • Select the Here Maps and enter your credentials, then click Save

Google Maps:

General Configurations

  • General Information - This section allows you to enable/disable the application as well as copy the snippet of HTML code to display store locator.   Please review installation instructions here

  • Store Finder 

    • Show All Locations On Load - When enabled the map will display all your stores in one view, if disabled it will show the closest store based on the user's location

    • Display Search Results By - Choose how you want to sort your search results, by distance, position (set by admin in-store configurations), or alphabetically.

    • Store Filter Settings - This section allows you to enable/disable filtering and let’s configure how you want store filtering to work.

    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Enter the URL of the page where store locator is displaying.  Click the Generate Sitemap button to generate and save an XML file of your store slugs.  This file needs to be uploaded to your site’s server, as well as uploaded into your google console.  Doing this will improve your SEO by including all of your store’s URL slugs for google to crawl.

    • Schedule - Here you can set the default store hours.  For each store, you will have the choice to use these default hours or create new ones.

    • Map - This is where you activate and manage your map accounts.  For instructions to activate your maps please review here

    • Design Settings - This section allows you to customize the colors of various elements by changing the hex codes

Store Attributes

IWD Store Locator allows you to create and assign attributes to your stores.  Example attributes are Pet-Friendly, Coffee, Free WiFi, Parking, etc. You should create your attributes BEFORE creating your stores.  To create your attributes:

  1. Log into your IWD Account at:

  2. Select Store Locator from the lefthand menu

  3. Select the Store Attributes tab

  4. Click the Create Attribute button

  5. Specify the attribute name and upload an icon.  Accepted file formats are jpeg, png, svg, gif. The maximum file size is 1MB.

  6. Click SAVE

Creating A Store

To create and manage your stores:

  1. Log into your IWD Account at:

  2. Select Store Locator from the lefthand menu

  3. Make sure the All Stores tab is selected.  Here you will see a list of all your stores.

  4. Select the Create Store button

  5. Enter the Store Name and the position you want it to display in, with 1 being first.

  6. Go to the Address section.  You can specify the store location by address or coordinates. Once you enter either the address or the coordinates you can select the “Get my ____” link from the blank section and it will fill in the missing information for you.

  7. Specify the store’s URL yourself or select “Generate URL” that will create one based on the address of the store.

  8. Enter the store’s contact email

  9. Select the attributes that apply to that store

  10.  Go to the Store Content section and enter all the necessary information. Note: Each store can have up to 2 images assigned to it

  11.  Click the SAVE button

At this time Store Locator allows up to thirty stores per account.  If you need more than thirty stores please let us know at