To start, go to System -> Configuration -> IWD Agency -> Authorize.Net Settlement Report



  • Current version that is installed


  • Link to support articles



  • This status field will indicate whether your Authorize.Net account has been successfully connected to the settlement report.  You will be shown either "Connected successfully" or "User authentication failed due to invalid authentication values"

Enable Settlement Report

  • Set to "yes" to activate the settlement report

Use Standard Authorize.Net

  • Choose to manually enter your merchant account credentials or use the existing account information that you provided in the Authorize.Net payment method

API Login ID

  • Enter your Authorize.Net API account login ID

Transaction Key

  • Enter your Authorize.Net account transaction key

Authorize.Net Sandbox Account

  • Set to 'yes' if the Authorize.Net account you are connecting is a sandbox / test account. If this is a live / production account then set to 'no'


Limit Period

  • Set to 'yes' if you would like to limit the time period used to generate the settlement report

Show Last "X" Days

  • Specify how many days the report should include when generating the settlement report


Enable Auto Reporting?

  • If yes, specify frequency on automatically generating the report and emailing to the specified recipients. Please note, you will need to setup a cron to automatically send reports

Current Server Time

  • Enter the time on your server if you are creating your cron to send reports

Start Time

  • Specify when the cron will send the automatic reports

From Last "X" Days

  • Start today and minus X days for generate and send report

Email Template

  • Select the email template used to deliver the report via email

From Email

  • Enter the email address sending the report

To Email

  • Enter email addresses the will be used as default recipients of the email. When sending the report you remove these emails or add additional emails if needed

Report File Type

  • Select the file type used to export and email the report