How search logic of store locator works:
  • when you load page for the first time, all stores which are present in the store locator and available for the following radius will be displayed. If you don't fill in the address and press "Search", stores for chosen radius and regarding the customer address will be shown (in case if customers allows to show his/her current location).How search logic of store locator works
How store locator works

  • As it was mentioned in a previous point, when you load page for the first time, all stores will be displayed, but please note: if the pagination is enabled, only part of the stores will be displayed (depending on settings which set in the admin panel).
Stores being displayed

Search regarding zip code or address

  • If you search by zip code or by address, in this way request will be sent to Google Maps Server in order to receive the accurate coordinates, which will be used for our search in our database of stores. That means, that we use these coordinates and search results for needed radius from Google Maps (which have been chosen when you make a search request), all coordinates which fell under the a given radius are used to show stores.
  • When you first time load the page, you will see all stores you have if you have chosen the appropriate settings in Admin panel (Stores Per Page in "NO") and if you do not fill in search bar with needed information (like country, city, state or zip code).
  • If you have chosen the specific country and have filled in some info, as the result, you will get stores within the filled in data and specified radius

The results of displaying stores depend on:

  1. the data which you need to enter into search bar (country,city, state, zip code)
  2. radius (May we remind you that radius is one of the most important features of Store Locator, most part of Store Locator’s logic is based on radius. If you do have small radius, not all stores can be shown within this radius)