Magento 2 Extension adds a cronjob that runs during night time and creates a dump of database.

Dump is updated every 2 nights, to keep data in synch.

During initial login to an application the system will sync data with the store.  If no dump is available yet, it will send request to Magento extension to create a dump. Depending on the size of the Magneto database it may take a couple hours for the dump to be prepared.

Such data will be synced:

  • Products data, including images [From Magento ]

  • Categories, including images [From Magento ]

  • Orders [From/Into Magento]

  • Transactions [From/Into Magento]

  • Customers data [From/Into Magento]

  • Tax related information

  • Promotions [coupons/rules..etc]

  • Admin login “pin” and related information

Data is exported in sqlite database and available for download by an application. 

Any additional data may be retrieved via Magento API synchronisation calls.

Data may be synced at any time by manually clicking on “reload” icon next to the search icon.