Checklist before enabling the IWD Checkout

Before proceeding on enabling your IWD Checkout, please make sure you have performed the steps noted in the following task list:

  1. You have created an Integration for your Store on your IWD Checkout account.
  2. Downloaded and Installed the IWD Checkout eCommerce Connector on your eCommerce Store.
  3. You have Configured the API Key and received a Connection Succesful message on your eCommerce Store.
  4. You have configured at least a payment gateway to be used on your checkout-page on your IWD Agency account.
  5. You have Configured a PayPal Commerce Platform account.
  6. You have marked the customer's phone field as mandatory on your PayPal account:
  7. You have Customized your IWD Checkout-page & PayPal buttons design.
  8. You have Tested on Sandbox mode transactions made with the IWD Checkout Platform & PayPal.
  9. You have HTTPS configured and enabled for your website.