To start, go to Stores -> Configuration -> IWD Extensions -> Newsletter Pop-Up



  • Enable / disable Newsletter Pop-up

Pop-Up Width

  • Specify in pixels the width of the pop-up, i.e. 800.

Pop-Up Top Position

  • Distance between top of the screen and pop-up in pixels

Display Newsletter Link in Footer

  • ‘Yes’ - subscribe link will be displayed in footer with. Pop-Up will appear once clicked

Footer Newsletter Link Text

  • Adjust the title that appears in the footer

CSS Path for Footer Link

  • Specify the path for where to place the link for additional elements on your website that will activate the pop-up

Pop-Up Timing

  • Enter time, in seconds, to delay pop-up

Button Color

  • Specify the color for the subscribe button 

Button Hover Color

  • Specify the hover color for the subscribe button

Button Text Color

  • Specify the text for the subscribe button

Newsletter Link Class / Identifier

  • The Newsletter Pop-Up can be launched on custom link click. Please, enter custom link class, for example “.my_custom_link”  or custom link identifier, for example “#my_custom_link” without the quotes.

Multiple Guest Subscription

  • If enabled, guests that sign-up for your newsletter with the same email address multiple times will not see an error message notifying them that their email address has already been used.


Use Standard Icon Colors

  • If yes, then icons will use default social media colors. If no, then specify icon color per social account.
Enable Facebook?

  • Link - If Facebook is enabled, then enter the URL to your Facebook account
  • Background Color - Specify the icon's background color
  • Background Hover Color - Specify the icon's hover color
  • Icon Color - Specify the social media icon's color
  • Icon Hover Color - Specify the social media icon's hover color 
NOTE: The settings for Facebook are the same for the additional social media accounts (Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, etc.)