To start, go to System > IWD Extensions > Order Labels > Manage Labels 
Table of Contents:

Add New Label

1. Click Add New Label.

2. Pat yourself on the back.

General Information

General Information

1. Choose a name for your new label.

2. Select an Icon type. You have two options here:

  • Choose an icon from the FontAwesome library, and enter the corresponding icon name, and choose a color by entering a HEX code.
  • Or upload your own image.
3. You can enter an optional 'comment' that acts as a longer description for your icon.

Columns for Label

1. Here you can choose which column your new label will appear in.


Assign Automatically

1. Here is where you choose the parameters for which orders will get assigned your new label. You can choose as many as you want, but be aware that once a parameter has been chosen, it cannot be used with another label. Parameters that are currently being used for other labels will appear grayed out and italicized.

2. Once you are done, click Save Label to finish.

Edit Existing Labels

To edit an existing label, click the Edit action on the label you want to change, and simply follow the steps listed above.