#M1 OM [] - 2018-04-03

- Adding of order comment on reauthorization transaction declined
- Adding restriction from admin side for the ability to use credit cards tab on frontend by customer
- Updating the link to IWD_All in extensions Observers
- Adding missed addMessage() method to AdminCheckout Observer model
- Added missing the _isAllowed() ACL method in the IWD_OrderGrid_Adminhtml_Iwd_Ordergrid_GridController class
- Adding the protection from XSS injection using JS in customer fields at checkout
- Adding of missing logic for sending emails on bulk commenting of orders
- Adding the permission for mass-actions on sales->orders.
- Adding the permission for editing status with adding the comment on order view page
- Adding the restrictions of order flags observer to add the column only to Mage_Adminhtml_Block_Sales_Order_Grid blocks

- Fix of the issue with incorrect default template name for Edit Order Confirm
- Fix of the issue with the export orders when the flag(s) is(are) applied as the filter
- Fix of the incorrect fee includes tax value on invoice and credit memo pages
- Fix of the missing Fee handler for Credit Memo page when update qty action is used
- Fix of changing the status of the order to Order Backordered even if the simple product was updated to be In Stock (Adding ignore of checking parent item stockQty)
- Fix of SQL exception with missing 'iwd_om_status' column when Custom Order Grid is installed as the standalone extension
- Fix of showing the Archive and Backup grid links to Sales menu when permissions are not All
- Fix of recalculation issue for bundle items on order edit
- Fix of the back item to stock if the product was added as the configurable option and not simple product
- Fix of the issue with shipping tax amount recalculation on order edit
- Fix of the issue with customer email notification when copy_to Magento email is not empty
- Fix of showing/hiding custom amount block on AdminCheckout based on admin role permissions
- Fix of order flags and order grid performance issues
- Fix of archived order grid 500 error
- Fix of calculations with hidden tax
- Fix of customer payment profile creation
- Fix of multi-shipping checkout with Authorize.Net CIM
- Fix of the issue with extending the missing abstract controller in AdminCheckout

#M1 OM [1.8.7] - 2017-03-01

- Additional fee logic.
- Bank Transfer Payment description after update shipping.
- Ability to add customer group column at order grid.
- Added clear for selection in select list filters at order grid.
- Added mass orders comments.
- Option to disable Authorize.net settlements - if a store is not using it.
- Ability to add/change custom option type file.

- Fixed total tax calculation.
- Fixed display multiple orders in sales grid by having multiple orders id in search field separated by white space.
- Fixed order status multiple choice instead of a drop-down.
- Fixed style of warnings.
- Fixed store switcher.
- Fixed order canceling.
- Fixed select list is cut.
- Fixed image warning.