To start, go to Stores -> Configuration -> Payment Methods -> Authorize.Net CIM (by IWD)



  • Set to 'Yes' to enable the Authorize.Net CIM payment method at checkout


  • Displays current connection status with your Authorize.Net merchant account

API Login ID

  • Enter your login ID

Transaction Key

  • Enter your API transaction key

Authorize.Net Sandbox Account

  • Set to ‘Yes’ if you wish to use sandbox test mode

Test Gateway URL

  • Enter the test gateway url for your account

Accept.js Enabled

  • Enable Accept.js to maximize your data security by directly sending sensitive payment information directly to Authorize.Net without interacting with your server. Strongly Recommended.


  • Specify the payment method’s title that customers will see on the checkout page. Note, this can be changed per Store View.

Payment Action

  • Authorize Only - payment amount will be authorized but not captured
  • Authorize and Capture - payment amount will be authorized and captured

Validation Type

  • Test transaction $0.01 - once user enters credit card information, a test transaction for $0.01 will be placed to verify the card details are correct. The test transaction will be voided after validation and the customer will not be charged.
  • Card number validation only - once user enters credit card information, system will verify the credit card number matches the card type
  • No validation performed - system will not check to verify any of the user’s entered credit card details is correct.

Save Cards
  • If you would like to permit your customers to securely store their payment information on Authorize.Net, then specify if this will be done automatically (Save Always) or is optional (Customer Can Choose)

New Order Status

  • Specify the default status to assign orders to that are placed via CIM payment method

Credit Card Types

  • Select which credit card types (Visa, MaterCard, Discover, etc.) you support with your Authorize.Net account

Credit Card Verification

  • If yes then customers will be prompted for their credit card’s CCV code when entering a new card.

Accepted Currency

  • Select the accepted currency for this payment method

Payment from Applicable Countries

  • Specify if the CIM payment method will be allowed for customers in all countries or only specific countries

Minimum Order Total

  • If you require a minimum order total in order for customers to qualify to use CIM payment method then enter the minimum amount

Maximum Order Total

  • If you would like to limit orders over a certain total from using this payment method then specify the maximum order total

Sort Order

  • Enter the order in which this payment method should appear in relation to the other enabled payment methods in your checkout


  • If ‘Yes’ then all communication with the payment system will be recorded in a log file where you can see errors and failed responses


Send Shipping Address

  • If ‘Yes’ then the customer's shipping address will be sent with the payment transaction

Send Line Items

  • If ‘Yes’ then the ordered items will be included with each transaction