#M2B2B {3.0.0.}
##Added compatibility with Magento 2.4.2.

#M2B2B {2.2.6.}
##Added compatibility with Magento 2.2.8-2.3.1

#M2B2B {2.2.5}

##Added compatibility with Magento 2.2.7-2.3.0
##Added Sales Representative compatibility 2.2.7-2.3.0

-Shared catalog compatibility 2.1.5
-Shared catalog view employee user type
-Shared Catalog assign product, category issues
-Request a Quote minor fixes

#M2 B2B {2.2.4.}

# Added Shared Catalog functionality

#M2 B2B {2.2.3.}

#Added Tiered Sales Rep functionality

#M2 B2B {2.2.2.}

-Request a Quote feature 

-xss vulnerability in marked fields
-registration form fields layout broken

#M2 B2B {2.2.1 }

b2b shipping method per company is editable on admin side

#M2 B2B {2.2.0}

b2b_company column to the grid
new company payment methods
update logo and link
logic to select all company payment methods by default

Company column in the customer grid
new company payment methods

activating of users once assigning to the Company
creating customer by company admin on frontend
b2b user status on creating customer by company admin on frontend
showing b2b company on customer account in the admin panel
view cart button
employer status
add b2b_company column to the grid
fixed compatibility with Magento 2.1.X

#M2 B2B [2.1.6] - 2017-04-01

-Theming, Company Payment Methods, fixes.

-Removed Custom Design elements to natively inherit store's colors and fonts.
-Control Payment Methods Per Company.

-Replaced sprite icons with font awesome icons.
-Load More button instead of auto load products on All Products page.
-Filter arrows on currently filtered columns.
-Fixed Order by File file upload.
-Removed cart when empty.
-Removed back to Dashboard button.
-Changed download icons.
-Hard coded button padding and font size to keep coherency.
-Design fixes.

#M2 B2B [2.1.5]

-Corrections in qty logic for bundle product options.
-Updated all bundle options in one request.
-Hide products custom options in b2b grids.
-Hide qty fileds for previously ordered bundle items if they are not available anymore.
-Fix company users list selection.
-Fix issues with critical error in exception.log related to layout.
-Fix issue with zero credit limit.
-Made 'pending approval' order status not default.

#SalesRep module [v 1.0.5]  

-Get logo and store info from company table.
-Fix ee related issue.
-Hide second error on failed salesrep creation.
-Add popup style css file for salesrep.
-Fix filter for salesrep assigned users.
-Show all records on salesrep report.
-Fix for clear filter on salesrep popup on frontend.
-Show commision info for salesrep in admin.
-Search salesrep by id partiantly in admin.
-Do not assign order to salesrep if it is not active.
-Fix popup mode with magento main menu.
-Use database prefix for queries.

#M2 B2B [2.1.4]

-Import/Upload products to Cart by SKU. Extend Companies logic.

-Import products to cart by sku.
-Added comany name field to customers table.
-Show b2b company name on customer view page in admin.
-Hide 'b2b active' field from admin panel on edit customer form.
-Added ability to add new employees to company from admin panel.
-Admin can enable/disable employee account.
-Admin can assign/remove customers to/from company.
-Map company vat id to customer's taxvat field.
-Show prev. ordered for Salesrep user on frontend.
-Apply B2B default settings on installation.

-Fix filter by 'available' on all products table.
-Reposition matrix table (on scrool main table).
-Fixes for group product.
-Added hover colors for buttons.
-Logo size.
-Fix available status in add product popup.
-Fix all products table scrolling on load more event.
-Do not show logo if does not exist.
-Hide empty cart section on dashboard.
-Show no results message on download center and download popup.
-Fix save company logo logic.
-Change error message on register form.
-Adapt footer to show iwd store credit.
-Fix download popup style for mobile.
-Fix paddings on login form.
-Add back to dashboard button on empty cart.
-Show product sku in messages in b2b tables.
-Fix contend for gift cart product in popup.
-Check if email exists when create sub-user.
-Add using of db prefix in new logic, get table names with db prefix in queries.
-Fix responsive for download center section on dashboard.
-Fix cycled redirection for logged in user without b2b access.
-Do not show 'not visible' products on quick view.
-Fix issue with missed user name in header.
-Fix 'no products' design on prev. ordered page.
-Fix dates fields style in product popup.
-Check email format on add sub-user.
-Added check for unique company name.
-Show view cart btn on download center.
-Fix design for groupped product popup.
-Fix get price for grouped product if sub-items disabled.
-Fox for responsive design on manage users page on frontend.
-Fix responsive for add download product popup.
-Do not show unsaved popup when add product in popup.
-Rename 'company files' to 'b2b files' in admin panel.
-Corrections in 'check all' checkbox on download center.
-Made fax not required.
-Add comment for company image field in admin.
-Search products by spec symbols.
-Deactivate company users when inactivate company.
-Fix for redirect to no access url.
-Make users 'free' from deleted companies.
-Create new user with inactive status if company inactive.
-Fix mass delete customers.

#M2 B2B [2.1.0]

-Companies, new License Activation, fixes.

-New license activation.
-Added Companies.
-Added Credit Limit options.
-Added iwd brand image in page bottom and login forms.
-Added company name in orders.
-Auto-create companies based on primary users on B2B upgrade process.

-Hide iwd store credit from requester sub-users.
-Make footer static at bottom
-Hide tier prices in popup tooltip if they have additional links.
-Show no products message on b2b tables.
-Design corrections on b2b download center tables.
-Redirect users without access to login page.
-Fix in filtering of all products.
-Corrections in filter products by 'available' column.
-Fix popups design on login form.
-Show message to increase window size for small screens.
-Show footer on 480px and fix design of unsaved alert for 480px.
-Hide footer on print pages.
-Compilation issues.
-Fix for required fields on registration page.
-Remove duplicated messages on login form.

#M1 B2B [1.4.1] - 2016-11-01

-New License Activation.

-New license activation.

-Fixed view warning on popup.