Order by File gives you the ability to add individual products to your cart by SKU and quantity via to import a list of products from a file.

1. The Order By File presentation
    - Log in to your B2B account
    - On the Dashboard, a user should use the second option - “Order by File”

On the image is provided the B2B Dashboard view.

2. Open and download the file with needed products
    - Click to the Browse & Upload button
    - Choose the needed file in the pop-up
    - Click to the Open button
    - Click the Add to Cart button
    - Check the Shopping Cart
Example: The file will be added to the dashboard grid.

Example: The Shopping Cart updated according to a user file.

3. CSV FILE CONDITIONS. To prepare the list, do the following

    - In a spreadsheet, create a file with the column headers “sku” and “qty” in lowercase characters.
    - Enter the SKU and qty of each product that you want to import.
    - Save it as a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file.

Example from the Notepad++ editor
Important note: Microsoft Excel supports several CSV formats, including CSV (Comma delimited), CSV (Macintosh), and CSV (MS-DOS).