How to create a new source

Go to Catalog-Manage Sources - Add New Source
Add a title and an address of your source

Add new source and set a title and address

Edit Q-ty in Sources

You can see your new source at Catalog-Manage Stock for Product

When you change quantity in source default q-ty (total) is changed automatically

Assigning Source for an order

Go to Sales - Orders
Choose Assign Stock row in an Order Manager tablet

Click the order row twice and you will see Assign order to a stock pop up

Q-ty row shows how many items are needed for a particular order. As we can see from the screenshot example we have 3 stocks and two of them have needed items (see color marks for in stock/out of stock at the left corner of the screenshot). You can set q-ty of how many products will be taken from each source. For example on screenshot above we took 1 item from “Title” source and one from “Oleh” source

One more way to assign source for an order is to go through product menu. Click twice on a product row. Scroll down to the Items Ordered tab

How to Manage Stocks

Go to Catalog - Manage Stocks for Product-Product (click twice on a product row)

Scroll down to the Quantity-Advanced Inventory

  • Source - source name
  • Manage Stock - Enable/Disable Stock
  • Qty - quantity of product in the source
  • Stock Availability - In Stock/Out of Stock
  • Out of Stock Qty - quantity of products that will automatically mean “out of stock” for the source
  • Min allowed Qty - minimum amount of products that are allowed for a shopping cart
  • Max allowed Qty - minimum amount of products for the shopping cart
  • Decimal - enable/disable decimal for the product
  • Divided for shipping - enable/disable
  • Backorders - No Backorders/Allow Qty below 0/Allow Qty below 0 and notify customer
  • Enable Qty increment
  • Qty increment input