IWD Login/Account creation

Enable/Disable Account Login creation

  • To enable/disable account login creation go to Stores-Configuration-IWD Agency-Checkout Suite

  • If enabled, users will be able to checkout without logging in. Existing customers will have the order associated with their account, while guests will have an account created for them. If the user presses the Create Account button on the success page a create password section will appear.  Once the user sets a password they will receive an account creation email.

  • If guest checkout is disabled, the remaining guest checkout settings will be greyed out and not clickable.  Once enabled these settings will be clickable
Guest Checkout

  • If a guest goes to checkout using an e-mail that is already associated with an existing account - the order will be added into this account.
Downloadable products

  • If guest has a downloadable product in the cart, they will have an ability to get to the cart page but account creation/login would still be required