Main Configurations in the Admin Panel.

    - Create a new website: the way allows for creating a separate website with a special name. After that, you’ll manage to create and assign multiple stores, store views
    - Create a new store: the choice is justified if you want to make the localized version and a store with sufficient differences. For this, you’ll need to create a website, add a store and store view
    - Create a new store view: the way is the easiest one, as you can simply add a localized version to the current store.

As the example, the Russian store-view has been created for the current feature.

So, the next steps can help you to configure the stores and enjoy the Checkout Suite extension on the next languages:

    Mandarin (Standard)

Create a store view

1. Once logged in, go to Stores>All Stores and click the Create Store View button:

2. Fill in the Store View information and save the settings:

Store: choose a store for which you create the view
Name: fill in the name for the store view
Code: insert the code
Status: decide to enable or disable the store view
Sort Order: indicate the order for store view display on the grid if needed

3. You need to localize the new store view, go to Stores>Configuration>Locale Options:

Please Open the site > Choose the new store view > Add any product to cart and Proceed to checkout!
You will see the fields and blocks localized to selected store view.