{M2} Checkout Suite Free 1.6.0, Pro 1.8.0 (OPC 3.6.0)

New: Compatibility with Magento 2.2.8-2.3.1
New: Apple Pay quick button now available
Improved: fixed minor issues

[M2] Checkout Suite Free 1.5.0, Pro 1.7.0 (OPC 3.5.0)

New: Compatibility with Magento 2.2.7-2.3.0
New: OPC code refactoring for better performance
New: Add filterable coutry/state selects on OPC page

[M2] Checkout Suite Free 1.4.0, Pro 1.6.0 (OPC 3.4.0) - 26/12/18

New: BluePay Payment Method add for Free and Pro versions
New: Subscriptions/Recurring Payments module added to Free and Pro versions

[M2] Checkout Suite 1.5.0 (OPC 3.4.0) - 27/11/18

New: Checkout Suite nows works with default Magento Checkout Design.  You can now disable IWD's design and still get all the features of Checkout Suite
New: Checkout Suite now compatible with 2.2.6
New: Apple Pay now compatible with up to 2.2.6
Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where some users were having to click on payment field twice
Bug Fix: IE 11 compatibility
Bug Fix: minor Checkout Smart Buttons Fixes

[M2] Checkout Suite 1.4.0 (OPC 3.3.0) - 23/08/18

{M2} Checkout Suite 1.4.1
NEW: Compatibility with 2.2.3 and 2.2.4

{M2} Checkout Suite 1.4.0
NEW: Pay Pal and Amazon Pay quick payment buttons
NEW: Updated guest checkout functionality (user can go through checkout as a guest, system allows to purchase without creating an account)
NEW: Design updates
Bug Fix: fixed frontend require-js initialization error with standard checkout via moving dependencies to phtml file
Bug Fix: fixed disabling module on Magento 2.1.1 version (onepage.phtml rewrites not take place correctly)
Bug Fix: fixed infinity loader of payment method block (conflict in Magento_Negotiable Quote module
Bug Fix: fixed paypal express checkout error "The payment disallow storing objects."
Bug Fix: fixed checkbox for newsletters displaying correctly
Bug Fix: fixed incorrect gift message values position in admin panel
Bug Fix: fixed amazon pay fixed required address fields validation issues

[M2] Checkout Suite 1.3.0 (OPC 3.2.0) - 05/09/18

Checkout Suite
    NEW: Compatibility with Magento 2.2.3
    NEW: Added additional languages 
    NEW: Google Autocomplete for street address
    NEW: Refactored JS scripts
    Improved Support: Shipper HQ compatibility
    Improved Support: Added highlight after validation non-selected payment/shipment method
    Bug Fix: Broken some JS core scripts after disabling module in admin panel
Apple Pay

    NEW: Added additional languages 
Address Validation

    NEW: Added additional languages 
    Bug Fix: 
    Fixed some errors happen with OPC module
In-Store Pickup
    NEW: Added additional languages 
Store Credits
    NEW: Added additional languages 

[M2] Checkout Suite 1.2.0 (OPC 3.1.0)

Checkout Suite
  • NEW: Compatibility with Magento 2.2.2
  • NEW: Select fields are searchable and can be handled via keyboard
  • NEW: Improved JS performace
  • Improved Support: Field logic has been improved for mobile browsing standards
  • Improved Support: For countries with no region saved in Magento, fields are select instead of input.
  • Improved Support: There was no visible validation message for checkout agreements
  • Bug Fix: In some cases, when selecting new billing address, form remains hidden
  • Bug Fix: In some cases, when switch to new billing address, empty non-required fields get the "please insert value with max 255 chars" message
  • Bug Fix: Placeholder was not updated with asterisk when mandatory / not mandatory
Apple Pay

  • NEW: Compatibility with Magento 2.2.2
Address Validation

  • Improved Support: Address validation using Google was not respecting country specific address formats; optimized for UK and most EU countries.
  • Bug Fix: After checkout visit with virtual and non-virtual item, and removing the non-virtual one (order became virtual), address validation for shipping address is being still raised

[M2] Checkout Suite 1.1.2 (OPC 3.0.0)

Checkout Suite
  • NEW: All-New Design for Checkout and Confirmation pages.
  • NEW: All code has been rewritten from scratch to match Magento's coding standards.
  • NEW: Elements now pull colors automatically from your Magento theme.
  • NEW: Adds support for all of Magento's default features and settings (Captcha, Shipping Policies, Gift Messages, Displaying Billing Address Type, and more).
  • NEW: Set default payment and shipping methods.
  • NEW: Assigning guest orders to a customer's email address.
  • NEW: Reload shipping methods when applying discounts.
  • Improved Support: for restricting payment methods per customer groups.
  • Improved Support: for all Magento payment methods.
  • Improved Support: for all Magneto Enterprise features.
  • Bug Fix: Loading incorrect payment methods on initial load.
  • Bug Fix: Trouble selecting shipping methods.
  • Bug Fix: Place Order button not working properly.
  • Bug Fix: General Magento issues.
Apple Pay
  • NEW: Compatibility with Checkout Suite 1.1.2 (OPC 3.0.0)
  • NEW: Payment form has been rewritten from scratch to match Magento's payment method standards.
Address Validation
  • NEW: Compatibility with Checkout Suite 1.1.2 (OPC 3.0.0)
In-Store Pickup
  • NEW: Compatibility with Checkout Suite 1.1.2 (OPC 3.0.0)
Store Credits
  • NEW: Compatibility with Checkout Suite 1.1.2 (OPC 3.0.0)