1. Go to Checkout Suite configuration page and enable the feature with following steps:

    - To enable the Google Maps Autocomplete in the IWD Checkout Suite you should Login to the Magento Admin Panel -> go to Configuration-> IWD Agency -> Checkout Suite -> Extended Settings>set “Yes” for the Enable Google Maps Autocomplete option.

    - In the Google Maps API Key field, you should paste your Google Key.

    - Magento will ask you refresh your caches which once you are done. You are now ready to start preparing your test.

2. Front-End paste. Navigate to the Checkout page and try to use the feature.

    1. Open the web-store and add any product to the cart
    2. Proceed to the Checkout page
    3. The Google Address list will be implemented as the drop-down in the Address field.
    4. The addresses downloaded after a user start typing
    5. Select needed address
    6. The next fields will be filled according to a user choice: City, State, Zip-Code, Country
    7. Fill the all required fields, check the data and complete the checkout process.
Example: The addresses list after type the “florida street” as keywords

Example: The fields have been filled according to a user request