To start, go to Stores -> Configuration -> IWD -> Order Manager

Order Manager Configurations

Stores-Configuration-IWD Agency-Order Manager

  • Version - displays current version of the product
  • Documentation - link to the user guide
  • Purchased email - an email that was used to activate the license (warning! сhanging this email will deactivate your license)
  • License Status

General Settings
  • Enable - Enables/Disables IWD Order Manager Module
  • Allow edit order with Statuses - Order can be edited only with statuses that are selected in this  configuration
  • Apply Shipping Amount Automatically - Update shipping amount automatically after updating the shipping address or ordered items
  • Edit Coupon code - enables/disables editing coupon code in marketing-cart price rule
  • Enable Braintree reauthorization - enables the authorization of the Braintree payment method

Order Info
  • Edit State - Allows to edit state of an order

Update/Re-authorization Process

  • Updating Invoices - Specify how invoices are updated if an order’s total increases after modifying an order

  • Updating Shipments - Specify how shipments are updated after modifying an order

Edit Items

  • Validate Inventory - Enable validation of stock quantity during order items editing
  • Return Item to Stock - Default value for checkbox “Back to Stock”. Return to stock after remove item or reduce count item

Delete Process
  • Allow Delete Orders - Delete order and related information like invoices, shipments, credit memos, etc
  • Allow delete order with statuses - Allow delete order only with selected statuses (you can drag cursor or press ctrl to select multiple statuses)

  • Allow delete invoices - delete invoice and related information like credit memos, transaction etc.
  • Allow delete credit memos - Delete credit memo and related information
  • Allow Delete Shipments - Delete Shipments and related information like shipment tracks e.t.c.