How to Create a Store?

Tip: To easier the process when creating a store, please configure a Map Service in the Configuration tab.

Follow these steps to create a new store:

  1.  Access your IWD Agency account
  2. Locate and click IWD Store -> All Stores tab
  3. Click the "Create Store" button
  4. Fill out the required information for the store:
    1. General Information Section
      1. Store Name: The name of the store that will be displayed on your Store Locator.
      2. Store Status: Enabled to display the store on your store locator's app. Disabled to hide a store in your Store's locator.
      3. Store Position: The Store position on your Store Locator list section.
    2. Address Information Section
      1. Address: Full Address needed by the app to locate your store's latitude and longitude. You must type the complete store's address here.
      2. Longitude and Latitude: Your store's pin will be placed on the map based on these two fields. To get these two fields easier, we have to build a feature that will grab them automatically as soon as you click on the "Get Coordinates" link. Remember first to type your complete full store's address.

        Note: To use the Get Coordinate or Get Address feature, you will need to configure your Map Engine.
      3. Store URL/Slug: Must be unique across all your stores and will serve for SEO purposes. Your Store URL will help our system build your custom sitemap.xml file to take advantage of your store listing in the search engines.
      4. Store Email: Your store's contact email account for your visitors to contact.
      5. Location Attributes: Your custom store attributes will help your customers to filter stores based on these.
    3. Store Content Section:
      1. Store Phone: Your store's contact phone number.
      2. Website URL: Your store's or company's URL.
      3. Short and Long Description: Describe your store in a few words, explain your services, type of products you offer.
      4. Show Store Hours: Display the store locators the time and day in which your store is open.
      5. Store Images: Show your customer's your store with some cool pics!
      6. Enable Event Schedule: Convert your store into an event using this feature. It will show the store during the scheduled time.
      7. Use default hours scheduled settings: Decide whether or not to use the same pre-configured store hours for your store. If not, you will be asked to fill the opening day and time manually. 
  5. Click the "Save" button.