How to Display or Sort Search Results by Distance, Position, or Alphabetical? 

By Default, the Store Locator displays the search results by Distance. However, you have more choices to display the search results by Position (configured at the Store Creation Process) or Alphabetical.

Follow these steps to change the order your search results appear:

  1.  Access your IWD Agency account
  2. Locate and click IWD Store ->Configurations > Store Finder section
  3. Locate the Display Search Results by the option to select between the following options.
    1. Distance: When searching, display first the closest stores from your customer's location. 
    2. Position: When searching, display the store results on order configured on each store at their creation process.
    3. Alphabetical: When searching, display the store results sorted by alphabetical order.
  4. Click the "Save" button.