How to Use the Here We Go Maps engine?

The Store Locator from IWD Agency comes pre-integrated with the Here We Go Maps engine to display your map. You will need to create a Freemium account on Here We Go to configure this option.

Follow these steps to configure Here We Go Maps integration in your IWD Store Locator:

  1. Click your name, select Projects, and then your project from the list. Your project details and available application credentials are then displayed.
  2. Select HERE Premium SDKs and click Generate App ID and App Code. When your application is created, its app ID and app code are displayed.
  1. Login to your IWD Agency account and access your IWD Store Locator option at the left side menu.
  2. Got to the Store Locator Configurations -> Maps settings.
  3. Select the Here Maps radio button from the Map Service option. You'll be asked to fill in the ID and Code from your Here We Go App configurations.
  4. Please copy and paste the App ID and App Code from your Here We Go Freemium App.
  5. Don't forget to save your settings!