Typically, issues are based on conflicts with other extensions, but if it is a problem with IWD's One Page Checkout extension then we will schedule to fix the issue promptly and for free.

1. Do you have the latest version of One Page Checkout?

You can check your version by going to System -> Magento Connect -> Magento Connect Manager and see which version of One Page Checkout is installed.
If you would like to update to the latest version, you can download it here

2. Loader with gray background just keeps cycling or nothing works.

Please review your browser console and if you see an error like this one:
"TypeError: payment.initWhatIsCvvListeners is not a function payment.initWhatIsCvvListeners();"
open file /skin/frontend/base/default/js/iwd/opc/checkout.js
and comment or remove all lines with code:

3. Receiving IWD ALL message in Admin panel after installing One Page Checkout:

"Important: Please setup IWD_ALL in order to finish IWD One Page Checkout installation. Please download IWD_ALL and setup it via Magento Connect."

Please setup IWD_ALL in order for IWD extensions to work correctly. Instructions can be found in the installation guide.

4. Receiving a 404 Error after installation

Please logout from admin panel and login again, and clear Magento cache.

5. One Page Checkout or IWD ALL is not visible in admin panel after installation.

  1. If you are using compilation, please do recompilation on System -> Tools -> Compilation page
  2. If problem is not in compilation, it seems that files have been extracted incorrectly in Magento Connect Manager or there are some problems with your server permissions.
Try to uninstall the extension and make sure that all One Page Checkout & IWD_ALL files have been properly removed. You can see files / directories structure when you extract / unzip installation package.

You can also find instructions on how to remove One Page Checkout files below. Extract (unzip) files from installation packages and upload them to our server by FTP.

6. Body of One Page Checkout page is empty and it shows error in html source code 'geoip .dat file does not exist'.

It seems that you turned on GeoIP detection but did not properly install and configure the GeoIp .dat files.

7. One Page Checkout does not work with SagePay payment method

SagePay functionality is a part of Pro version of One Page Checkout (Magento 1 version only). SagePay will work for Magento Community if it is configured properly. But, you would need to buy Pro version of One Page Checkout. Free version of One Page Checkout does not support SagePay by default.

8. One Page Checkout does not work with BrainTree payment method

One Page Checkout supports BrainTree version 1.0.0.

9. One Page Checkout does not work with eWay Rapid payment method.

To make eWay work with One Page Checkout, changes need to be made to the eWay extension. If you have the Pro version of One Page Checkout, contact our support team for an estimate.

10. One Page Checkout does not work correctly with third party extensions.

Some 3d party extensions, like payment methods, discounts extensions, and others may not be supported by default. In this situation, additional modifications need to be made. On average, integrating 3d party extensions usually takes up to 5 hours at $125 per hour. Pro version of One Page Checkout is required if you would like our assistance with integrating extensions.

11. Terms and Conditions checkbox does not exist.

Please make sure to create Terms and Conditions at Sales -> Terms and Conditions and make it is available for your store.

12. Terms and Conditions content is not displayed.

Be sure content for Terms & Conditions is static text and that there is no block like {{blosk ...}}.

13. How to make login and password fields are required to disable guest checkout?

Guest checkout can be disabled using standard Magento settings: System -> Configuration -> Sales -> Checkout -> Enable Onepage Checkout.

14. One Page Checkout does not work on secure HTTPS pages:

When you click on the checkout button, the One Page Checkout will be loaded by http, but then ajax requests use of https. Check your settings to make sure One Page Checkout will be loaded by https. Please review you url settings at System -> Configuration -> Web -> Secure Tab. Urls should be https, and 'use secure urls in frontend' should be set to Yes.

15. Buttons, colors, and other design elements don't match with my custom theme, or need to be changed.

You can customize design in css:

Template html files are located in:


Also, One Page Checkout uses many standard template files for standard checkout, which are located in the standard Magento folder:
Please Note: If you are using a custom theme, then standard checkout files could be located in your theme's folder.

16. Shipping methods are not displaying.

Similar to default Magento logic, all required address fields must be entered in order to see shipping quotes. If you are using 3rd party shipping methods, additional modifications to One Page Checkout might be required. Please contact us to review.

17. One Page Checkout is working very slow.

One Page Checkout uses ajax requests in background when user provides information. For example, after user enters address information, One Page Checkout executes ajax requests to: save address, prepare list of available shipping and payment methods, and reload review totals section. It may take 1-3 seconds. Usually, speed time depends on server’s speed. It may also work slow if you are using some other extensions for the checkout process. Please try to disable One Page Checkout and test speed of each step of standard Magento checkout to compare results.

18. One Page Checkout is already part of your theme.

We do not sell Magento themes with our One Page Checkout and thereby do not support it in such cases if you bought it somewhere else. Many developers integrate our One Page Checkout into their themes and sell them without permissions from IWD. If you require our assistance, please remove One Page Checkout from your theme and install our latest One Page Checkout.

Note: Our One Page Checkout may look different on your theme since your theme's developer might have made modifications in the design.

19. How do you remove fields from the address form or make some fields not required?

For most fields, it is not possible to remove them since it will require complicated modifications to Magento's core code. You can try to edit some fields in One Page Checkout's template files /app/design/frontend/base/default/template/opc

20. Tax field is not visible.

Be sure 'Show Tax/VAT number' field is visible on front-end in configuration System -> Configuration -> Customer -> Customer Configuration -> Name & Address Options. If you are using 3rd party extensions for VAT number, then it may not work with our One Page Checkout by default.

21. Totals popup does not show all information (OPC versions 3.4.x).

It seems that slider does not work in totals drop-down. In this case you can make some customization in the css file:


You can create a rule for element #checkout-review-table-wrapper
such as this:


22. PayPal Payflow Link method does not show iframe.

In older versions of One Page Checkout, to fix PayPal Payflow Link method iframe issue, please follow these steps:
1. Open file /js/iwd/opc/checkout.js and find method prepareOrderResponse in class IWD.OPC and add this code:

below this code


2. Open file /js/iwd/opc/extend.js and find method IWD.OPC.backToOpc and add code:

below this code

23. Place Order button does not exist on custom theme.

Some custom themes use their own templates and .xml layouts (different from standard checkout) to show its own 'place order' button. Please compare checkout.xml file for default Magento theme and checkout.xml file for your custom theme to be sure block checkout.onepage.review.button exists in your theme.

24. Log In with PayPal does not work.

  1. Got to your PayPal APPs
  2. Create/Edit an APP
  3. Check that App redirect URLS are:

    • (test - for sandbox mode, live for production)
    • should be YOUR_SITE_URL/index.php/onepage/paypal/return
  4. APP CAPABILITIES: check 'Log In with PayPal' checkbox and open 'Advanced Options'
  5. Information is requested from customers:
  6. Open 'Personal Information' - check 'Full name'
  7. Check 'Address Information' (all fields should be selected)
  8. Enter valid 'Privacy policy URL' and 'User agreement URL' urls for your site
  9. Additional PayPal permissions: 'Use Seamless Checkout' checkbox should be checked.

25. PayPal Pro Hosted Solutions method does not work.

PayPal Pro Hosted Solutions payment method has been tested on our servers and works.

Please check your PayPal settings and try to disable 'SSL verification' for this method just to check if it works with One Page Checkout with disabled SSL verification.

26. Light Box for PayPal Express Checkout does not work.

Due to recent PayPal updates, lightbox option no longer functions. Please disable it on One Page Checkout configuration page.

27. When user clicks on 'Login' link, nothing happens / When click on 'terms & conditions' link - nothing happens (in safari browser or iphone/ipad)

It seems that you are using an older version of One Page Checkout.
Please open /skin/frontend/base/default/css/iwd/opc/opc.css
and replace rules:

-webkit-transition:all .3s;

-webkit-transition:all .3s ease-out-moz;
as you can see ‘ease-out-moz’ should be present. If it does not help, you can remove css transition rules:

-webkit-transition:all .3s;-moz-transition:all .3s;transition:all .3s;
for css classes:

.md-effect-7 .md-content

28. How do you remove the checkout link from the top menu?

Please open file app/design/frontend/base/default/layout/iwd_opc.xml
and remove these lines:

<reference name="top.links">
 <remove name="checkout_cart_link"/>
 <block type="checkout/links" name="checkout_cart_link_custom"><action method="addCartLink" ></action></block>
 <block type="opc/links" name="checkout_cart_link_custom"><action method="addCheckoutLink"></action></block>

29. One Page Checkout does not work correctly with Authorize.net direct post.

Unfortunately, this method is not supported with One Page Checkout.

30. How do you remove One Page Checkout? What are all of the One Page Checkout files?

To remove One Page Checkout files, please remove:

app/locale/de_DE/IWD_Opc.csv - if exists
app/locale/es_ES/IWD_Opc.csv - if exists
app/locale/nl_NL/IWD_Opc.csv - if exists
app/locale/ru_RU/IWD_Opc.csv - if exists
lib/iwd - if exists
lib/MaxMind - if exists
if OPC version is 3.2.6 or older:

if OPC version is 3.2.7 or newer

31. How do you translate text?

You can translate text by using language files like /app/locale/us_US/IWD_Opc.xml (you should add the same file in es_ES folder). Language file consists of rows, each row has first static column that can not be changed, and second column which should be translated. For example there the row Name & Address, so second column should be translated. If text has slash or spec symbol, please use double quotes, for example: Name & Address, "Name & Address" If some sentence is not in this file, you can add it, but some sentences could be present in standard magento language files too.

The easier way to translate text is to edit it directly in templates. Templates for One Page Checkout are located in /app/design/frontend/base/default/template/opc folder.

32. Does One Page checkout support Amazon Payment?

At this time One Page Checkout does not support Amazon Payment.

33. Login or Registration or Account page is broken

One Page Checkout uses own templates with paypal functions for account page, login and register pages.
To remove these templates, please open file
and remove sections:


34. How to change text 'Sorry, no quotes are available for this order at this time'

This text is located in magento standard template, by default it is

If you are interested in researching and fixing this yourself, please review our support section for this product. Your issue may have already been answered by the community or our team. You may also ask additional questions there.