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Enable one page checkout - Enables/Disables IWD One Page Checkout module
Show Login Form - Enables/Disables login form on a checkout page
Show Order Notes Field - Enables/Disables order notes on a checkout page
Show discount form - Enables/Disables discount form on a checkout page
WooCommerce Checkout Suite
One Page Checkout by IWD agency divides the checkout into 3 separate columns for better user experience - Billing Address, Shipping Method, Payment Method.
Fill in the required columns and press Place Order button
WooCommerce Checkout SuiteIf you choose one of the following PayPal Payment buttons you will have to login in your PayPal account
WooCommerce Checkout Suite
After you logged in the system will offer you to choose payment option
WooCommerce Checkout Suite
After clicking Continue you will be redirected to the checkout with all of your required information fields already filled in based on the information on your PayPal account
Checkout with virtual product
When user proceeds to checkout with virtual product they see only two columns (shipping method is not included in checkout process automatically in that case)