POS users can place an order. 

IWD will be leveraging standard Magento logic to develop the checkout process. 

PayPal Here's point-of-sale payment solution and native shipping methods to Magento 2 will be supported in the checkout process.  The standard workflow will be utilised to define the shipping and payment information. All orders placed in the POS will be shown in Magento in order for the Magento admin to view and manage them. If the order was placed for a new or existing customer, then the customer will be able to view the order information from their online customer account. 

Online mode:

- checkmo order - application does not reserve anything, the order is posted to Magento

- credit card (PayPal) - application reserves an order ID which is then used to create the PayPal invoice, etc.

Offline mode:

- checkmo - we don't reserve anything, we register the order with Magento and receive the new order ID

- credit card (PayPal) - we use current timestamp for the PayPal invoice number which is then passed to Magento as an extra field