What is the difference between Free & Pro POS?

Users & Licenses
Both versions allow any Magento admin user to login and use the POS. The difference, however, is how many users can use the POS at the same time:

With the Free version, only one user can use the POS at a time. If you need multiple users at the same time, then you will need to upgrade to the Pro version by purchasing additional licenses.

FREE: if you have only one terminal using the POS then the Free version will work perfectly.

PRO: if you have 2 terminals being used at the same time then you will need to purchase 2 licenses in order to use the POS at the same time.

Since we offer the POS for free, access to our support team is limited to Pro users. The POS has been an available solution for Magento merchants for a number of years and most issues have been identified and resolved. If an issue is reported and confirmed within the system then a fix for this issue will be scheduled in the next release of the extension.

With Pro, you can work with our support team on customizing your POS by integrating extensions and resolving extension conflicts.