Please examine the following common issues that can occur during installation and how to resolve these issues:

After I Installation my website is showing an error or blank page:

  • Change the owner of the extracted extension files to the web server user and set 775 permissions on them.
  • Clear the store cache and see if this issue still exists, if so then please email our support team.
How to Clear Your Cache:

  • After installing or uninstalling extensions, it is recommended to clear your cache. It is more preferable to flush your Magento store cache by deleting all the content in /var/cache/.
  • You can clear it by going to SystemCache Management: select all cache types, then choose the Refresh action and click the Submit button. Don’t forget to re-login after both these procedures.

How to Make a Database Backup:

  • Before you make any changes, it is recommended that you backup your data first. In Magento, you can use a native backup tool in SystemToolsBackups
  • Click the Database Backup button - the tool is now copying the data from your store’s database to your local database.
  • The Magento backup file appears in /var/backup/ after the procedure.

How to Enable Error and Exception Logging in Magento:

  • By default, Magento does not register messages about errors and exceptions; so if something bad happens, you won’t even know.
  • To turn on the logging, you can navigate to SystemConfigurationDeveloperLog Settings and set the Enabled option to Yes.
  • Don't forget to set full access permissions (777) to the following folder: /var/log, since that is the place where those log files are stored.

How to Re-Index Your Data:

  • In order to re-index product catalog data, go to System → Index Management.
  • Select all elements, choose the Reindex Data action and click the Submit button. It is not necessary to re-login to complete the operation.

How to manage the compilation option

  • The compilation compiles all Magento files into a single path in order to increase performance. This tool should be disabled before the extension installation to avoid potential problems.
  • You can temporarily disable it via SystemToolsCompilation by clicking the Disable button and the Compiler include path will be disabled.
  • After the extension is installed, run the compilation process again.
  • IMPORTANT: please make sure that you use the "Run Compilation Process" function after the installation, not the "Enable Compilation" - otherwise, you are likely to get backend fatal errors.

Extension is not shown in my configuration area or when I click the extension tab I get a blank page / Access Denied error:

  • Clear the store cache, browser cookies, and logout and login again into the Magento Admin Panel.
My configuration changes do not appear on the store:

  • Clear the store cache, clear your browser cache, domain cookies, and refresh the page.

Error after installation: failed opening file from the magento_dir/includes/src/IWD_OnePageCheckout_Helper_Data.php

  • Disable compilation via System -> Tools -> Compilation

    • Clear your cache System -> Cache Management
    • Enable compilation again