To start, go to Sales > Orders
Table of Contents:

Hide & Rearrange Actions

1. To choose which actions show up in the mass-actions drop-down, click the gear icon next to Actions.

2. From here, you can enable and disable action options that you'll use most in your workflow.

3. Rearrange action options by clicking and dragging options around inside this menu. 

4. Once you're done toggling and arranging actions, click Update to save.

Mass Action Editing

Notify Customer

1. When actions might require the customer to be notified, the Notify Customer toggle will appear before submitting an action.

2. By default, all actions will be set to Yes to notify your customers of their order changes. To change this to not notify by default, you can find that setting in this extension's configuration options.

Mass Action Editing

Using Mass-Actions

1. To use a mass-action, select one or multiple orders by toggling their corresponding check boxes in the Select column.

2. Once you have your desired orders selected, choose a mass-action from the Actions drop-down in the top right corner of the order table.

3. Toggle Notify Customer to Yes or No, depending on whether you want your customers to be notified of their order changes.

4. Click Submit to commit the mass-action.